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One year living in a van – costs and stats

I set off 12 months ago with £4500 that I had saved from my job (see one year living in my van). I estimated it would last about 10 months but I still have some left. I often get questions about costs so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve spent.

Here are my diesel/fuel and living costs for the last 12 months living in my van around Europe:

In the last 6 months I’ve really tried hard to keep costs down, spending a total of 1066Euro. The previous 6 months (during summer) was a fair bit more at 2782Euro (see post), although a fair bit of this fuel cost was shared.

Note: fuel and diesel – I mean the same thing.

Average MPG:
Number of (Imperial) Gallons: 1652/4.54 = 363.8
Miles per gallon: 9600/363.8 = 26.4
See post on one year living in my van
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