One year living and travelling in my van – what now?

I’m not sure if this was ever just a trip. It was more of an experimental direction in my life. I wanted to know what would happen if I just did my own thing in my own way, following and trusting one step at a time.

The answer is a lot, and I think there’s a lot more to come


The past 12 months

6 months ago I said that I couldn’t sum up the past 6 months in words (see post). Now I really can’t.

So much stuff has happened. I’ve met so many incredible people, learnt so many lessons and experienced some unforgettable magic (see the highlights of 2014). This is where I seem to work best. Many doors have opened. I need this to work for just a bit longer… I know, It has got me good.

So when will I go back?

I don’t know. At the moment if I go back to England it’ll be to see friends or to sort out van stuff, but then it’ll be back on the road.

John – A reader of the blog: ‘after seeing the world and experiencing so much freedom from convention it’s almost impossible to go back’

I know he’s right. The chance of me just going back and carrying on with life just as I was doing before is a small one.

The blog so far this year

This blog was originally just to document my van conversion, but seems to have turned into a story that I tell using photographs and text. Over the past year it has been featured in all sorts of places around the internet – including national press and my favourite (coming soon) an in-flight magazine for some Chinese airline.

I love the van life and I love doing this blog. I’ve found a way to combine my varied interests and skills in a way that I feel no job could ever do. Some people will tell me that blogging died in 2010, but if there is any chance at all that this could fund me, I’m going for it. There is no other job I would rather do – its not even a job. Doing this blog is a lot of work and a big challenge for me but it’s something I immensely enjoy, and I love that some people seem to be getting something from it.

Now what?

This is how I want to continue to live life right now, so I’ll have to do everything I can to make sure I can carry on. If I work really hard, can I make this work? I guess it’s part of the story.

I know I have a lot to do. There is no time for snoozing.

Thank you!

Over 12000 followers on the Vandog facebook page and over 3500 email subscribers – so many that I now have to pay to send the emails. So only subscribe if you really want to hear from me OK?

Thanks for your support and kind messages over the year. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that people are actually reading the blog.
Let’s see what happens…
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