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13 reasons why I love Greece

1. The mild winter

Most days are dry and bright. I was just about able to sleep comfortably at night in the van during winter in Athens


2. The ancient stuff

The remains of ancient Greece is just scattered everywhere. I like to just stumble on these places and be totally surprised


3. The coast and beaches

Greece has over 8000 miles of coastline along the Aegean and Ionian sea, and a lot of it still feels quite wild. This has to be some of the best coast in Europe? See best beach post


4. The Islands

You could spend a lifetime exploring these islands. The of number of islands is in the thousands, with around 220 inhabited


5. The light

The light IS different in Greece. I thought I was getting better at taking photos, but I’m not, it’s the light


6. The food

The best tomatoes, tzatziki, feta, wild figs, olives… I could go on and on. In the past 7 months, I’ve probably eaten better than I ever have in my life. You can’t not


7. The feel

You know you’re in Europe but at the same time there’s a strong feeling of the east. I really like this


8. The relaxedness

I adapted to this fairly quickly. I didn’t mean to spend 7 months here. Greece is a country where you take your time


9. The nature

You’re never far away from nature, and it’s so loud at night. There’s a recording in this post


10. The mountains

You can go from a hot beach where you can swim, up to a mountain with snow. About 80% of the country is mountains, making it one of the most mountainous countries in Europe


11. The capital

Athens is a strange mishmash of everything. It’s such a unique city. You feel as though there is something hidden round every corner–and there usually is. I love this place


12. It’s van friendly x100

There’s just so much open space without fences or no entry signs. Greece is wildcamping paradise. And If a local guy knocks on the van, it’s probably because he wants to give you some of his grandmas homemade Spinach pie rather than tell you that the beach is not a camp site. That brings us to the last one…


13. the people

Driving through all these countries you really get to notice the difference in the people. But the Greeks stand out a mile. They are by the most friendly, fun, chilled and hospitable people I’ve met… ever met actually.

I know that this list could go on forever. Please add more in the comments

Greece: My favourite country so far.

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