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Making money whilst travelling – my first time busking

Busking is such a convenient and accessible way to make money whilst travelling, and anyone can do it!


I think I’ve put busking off for two reasons: 1. I haven’t really dared to do it, and 2. Is juggling even impressive any more?

We went onto the streets of Athens, Christian on guitar (see his DIY fold up guitar), Fernanda on fire devil sticks and me on fire clubs…

7 Tips for busking on the street:

  1. Find a nice spot with many people walking through – tourists usually better than commuters
  2. Make friends with the other buskers
  3. Smile and make people smile
  4. Not so serious. It doesn’t matter about messing up!
  5. Make noise. It’s what makes people turn their heads
  6. Get everyone to join in. Give someone a drum or instrument
  7. Say thank you when people give money or do a good trick
Greece: you can do a fire show on a busy highstreet and it’s cool – Police don’t seem to mind
2nd busking mission. This time with Luka and Andreas on digeridoo and djembe

How much money?

We made 16Euro in 3 hours, which was good considering all the other talented buskers on the same street. More people seems to attract more audience. The previous busking mission got 60Euro in 3 hours – though more a street party than busking, but that’s the way to do it.

I like this…

I’m really thankful I got this introduction to busking with these awesome people. It’s nice to know this is something I can do to get a bit of money when I’m in a city.

Busking is fun. You meet a lot of people. We ended up going to a party in a squatted theatre afterwards.

I think busking on the street is something every traveller can do to make money whilst on the road.

Everyone has something they can busk with, even if it’s just blowing bubbles (very popular and gets a lot of money)

What would you busk with? or maybe you do it already? please share any tips and tricks in the comments

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