Goodbye Athens – 9 best bits from a winter in Athens

For the past 3 months I’ve been surrounded by good people, warm fires and animals.

Athens has been my home for all this time. This place really made an impression on me, but now it’s time to say goodbye.

So I’ll end this chapter with 9 best bits from the past 3 months around Athens:

0. Just… Athens

When I first arrived I went for a bike ride and was blown away by this ancient city. I spent days exploring on my bike and taking photos (see photos from my bike ride).


1. Jedi academy

After hundreds of miles of driving I was so happy to get to a place like this for the winter. See Welcome to the Jedi Academy.

2. Busking on the streets

Juggling fire on the street (see post) to the music of Christian and his DIY fold up guitar (see post).

3. Christmas on the beach

My family came to Athens. It was the best yet – on the beach. See A Christmas to Remember

4. That party in the theatre

That’s how a party should be – see partying in a squatted theatre

5. The people

So many amazing individuals. The ones I needed to know exist.

6. The Off-grid community

Another few weeks meeting more good people, eating nice food and doing a bit of work. See living off-grid in the hills of greeceoff-grid-greece-overview

7. The animals

You kind of just get used to all these animals around. Goodbye all the cats and all the dogs. Goodbye whitedog

8. Staying in a flat

I met with a reader of the blog and stayed in her flat for 10 days. It was interesting. See post
So here’s goodbye to an incredible city, and also goodbye to winter. It’s been so good! but it’s map time again.
Thanks for following so far. Here’s to the next chapter 🙂
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