7 steps to the perfect travel camera

I like this camera (see post on what camera I use), but a few small modifications were needed to make this the perfect camera for travelling with…

My Nikon D5100 – See on Amazon UK

Here are 7 things I did to make this the perfect travelling camera:

(The last one is the the most useful)

1. Blank out unused features

There’s nothing worse than wanting to take a picture quickly and being confronted with a load of unnecessary buttons. I painted over all the settings apart from the ones I use – M, S, A and P mode. Effects mode? – it’s just clutter

2. The Nikon strap is so bright!

I want to carry my camera around without showing everyone a bright yellow Nikon logo. I found a worn out Canon strap which is much nicer

3. Write your name on it. Everywhere

If someone finds this camera, I hope they’ll see that it is much needed by someone and try to return it, so I want to make it as easy as possible for them. Email is probably the most accessible form of communication for many people whilst travelling, so I wrote my email and name on the lens and on the body in paint

4. Change branding

There are loads of these cameras about. I want mine to be instantly recognisable out of a pile of cameras – camera piles can happen when you’re with many other travellers. Canon or Nikon? … I prefer Mikon

5. Don’t use a case

I want my camera to be ready within a few seconds. Cases waste time, they’re annoying and it makes it obviously your carrying a camera – I don’t want everyone to know this. I prefer a rucksack

6. Nikon hack – get the most from what you’ve got

Your camera does more than what you think. I used some of the firmware modifications from Nikonhacker.com to get the most out of my camera – higher quality video and live manual ISO

7. Attach your lens cap with string

You will loose your lens many times. Unless you have an endless supply of lens caps… string!! Thank me later

Nikon D5100 on Amazon UK

Nikon D5100 Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm VR Lens Kit (16.2MP) 3 inch LCDnikon-d5100
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