How we got into Ozora Festival for free

We drove 100Km from S.U.N festival (Hungary) to Ozora, one of Europe’s best psychedelic tribal gatherings. We had no tickets and no money to buy any tickets. The next 24 hours was a full on roller coaster of ups and downs. A crazy day I’ll never forget… (Scroll right down for photos)


Here’s how we got into Ozora – for free

We parked up outside the entrance of the festival along with a few other vans and cars full of people from S.U.N festival — who also had no tickets.

There was a big thunderstorm so we camped outside the entrance. We all piled into the van made energy balls (a real good muesli festival snack) to sell for the next day.

By the end of the next day we had made some money to help buy ‘cheap wrist bands’ from some people outside the train station. We haggled for a long time and got 3 bands for 165Euro. We’re getting in! We were singing and howling all the way back to the festival entrance.

We showed our wrist bands expecting to be told to drive on into paradise, but instead the security cut them off our wrists and said they’ll call the police if we didn’t leave. They were fake. Full on gutted! We could even hear the music and see the mega laser coming up from the main stage. So so close!

We went back to the station and spent an hour trying to get our money back off the gypsies. We got all of it back with a promise we wouldn’t tell the police.

The last resort was to sneak in. We crawled through corn and undergrowth for 30 minutes before getting caught and escorted out of the area with the van still inside. I’d been drinking and couldn’t drive which made them even more angry. One more hour of talking to security and police. We pushed the van down the road and decided to camp one more night in a nearby field. Adam was sure that we could still get in. He is Hungarian and good at talking. One more hour of talking to security and then the owner of the festival turned up. They both talked a lot about architecture and our determination to get in.

At 2am we were taken to the ticket booth by the owner of the festival. We got free entry. The girl put the wristband on me and asked if it felt OK. I burst out laughing. I couldn’t believe our luck. We’d got in for free AND made money. We’re fully up.

Then the van slid down a muddy embankment and got stuck. We abandoned it for the night and went to party. We were instantly reunited with people we met from S.U.N. Everyone had got in! We were all here and ready for the last few days of the festival.

This was all thanks to Adam. Thank you Adam. You showed me what is possible if you trust the universe and persist even when you cannot see a way.

Photos from the Ozora festival 2014

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