Pitstop – I’m back in the UK – here’s my plan

It’s been 18 months since I left the UK. It’s been a craziest best 18 months I’ve ever had – see my vanlife summer post here. But now it’s time for a pitstop… but only a pitstop…


The plan

Go to the UK for a few weeks, see friends/family, sort out the van and then head back down, south. I want to spend the winter in Portugal and Morocco.

I’ll give the van an overhaul – fixing any rust, checking things, giving the engine a full service. I also need to sort out the MOT and insurance. I’ll keep you posted on this stuff.

What about the blog?

During these few weeks I’m in the UK I’ll do some posts on more of the practical things of van life – the things I’ve learnt and how I managed to do certain things. I’ll also maybe share a bit of what UK life is like coming back. Let me know if you have any post requests or suggestions.

I’ll also be organising all the hundreds of photos by country and sorting out the gallery section.

Thank you!

Thanks for following me and getting involved on this blog over the past 18 months or so. This blog has changed my life and it just wouldn’t happen without people actually looking at it. So a BIG thanks for all your likes, comments, shares and nice emails of support.

But I’m still getting a lot from travelling and living in a van (will I always feel like this?) and there’s loads more I want to do and loads more I want to show you. So stick with me and let’s get ready for the next chapter 🙂

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