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Rustproofing internal box sections using Waxoyl

I applied clear Waxoyl to the inside of box sections and anywhere else I couldn’t get to with a wire brush and rust treatment. This is like a clear waxy oil solution used to rust proof internal structures and areas that are difficult to get to such as the inside of doors and box sections. It runs into all the seams, cracks and gaps and forms a waterproof skin that doesn’t crack or dry out.

If you’re doing this job, you may want to cover the ground with a sheet to catch any Waxoyl that can drip out–it will drip out.

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1. Prepare Waxoyl solution

Waxoyl should be heated slightly to make it thinner so it flows a lot better into all the corners. This also makes it easier to apply with the pressurised sprayer. I diluted the Waxoyl with some white spirit to thin it out a bit more because the nozzle of the sprayer kept getting blocked.

Preparing Waxoyl

2. Apply

This is best done on a warm day because as the Waxoyl starts to cool down, it becomes more difficult to apply. I used a pressurised garden sprayer and sprayed it to the inside of all the hollow box sections of the doors.

Spraying Waxoyl into van door cavity

4. Clean up

Clean gun well after use otherwise it will block up when the Waxoyl sets and will be difficult to use next time. If you need to remove the Waxoyl from any surface you can do it with white spirit. 

Just a warning: over the next few weeks you’ll probably get a bit of Waxoyl dripping out from your van on hot days so you may want to be careful where you park it.

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