Country: Hungary

Photos from Samsara Festival Hungary

I stopped in Hungary for a few days and went to Samsara festival – a small yoga and psychedelic/chill/world music festival, not far from lake Balaton. It was a really nice/chilled festival and

Living in a van – 14 best bits of 2014

I just scrolled through the photos from this past year. My heart quickens and I get that weird feeling in my stomach… This year, living and travelling Europe in my

9 reasons you will get hooked on Hungary

It was June when a reader of this blog told me about the SUN festival in Hungary (thank you!). All of a sudden I was taking pictures of leaves on the

A day in the van – A 2 minute video

The last few weeks in the van with Finn have just fully revolved around music. It’s exactly how I always wanted every day to be: making weird music, sharing new

6 months of living in my van

I cannot really sum up the last 6 months in words. But I will say that at the moment, living in a van is the perfect life for me —

How we got into Ozora Festival for free

We drove 100Km from S.U.N festival (Hungary) to Ozora, one of Europe’s best psychedelic tribal gatherings. We had no tickets and no money to buy any tickets. The next 24

Spot of the month – July… and June

Location: The magical valley of Csobánkapuszta, Bercel, Hungary coordinates: N47 53.462 E19 27.438 After a few km of bumpy dirt track I arrived in S.U.N land – home of the