How to wash clothes whilst travelling

How do you wash clothes? are you a gypsie? This is one of many posts where I will cover some of the practical bits of living and travelling in a van.  Apparently people want to know all about the boring stuff as well. Here’s how I’ve been washing clothes whilst travelling Europe: 1.Laundrette I only […]

It’s just me and the van

Ross flew back to England on the 16th. I’m in the driving seat, on my own with a full map of Europe on the satnav and a full tank of diesel – it’s a crazy feeling. I look behind me and everything I need is here, I’m in my home with all my music, books […]

Goodbye Spain – here are some my favourite bits

I love Spain but it’s time to zoom out of the map and say goodbye. This country is so easy to free-camp, it has been a great introduction to van living. Here are some of my favourite bits from the past 2 months in Spain and Portugal: The two week rave The monkeys in the […]

Where to free-camp in Barcelona

We’ve free-camped pretty much every major city in Spain but the last and by far the most challenging city to drive around and free-camp was Barcelona. Having spent a full afternoon driving around the city, beach and port to look for parking we decided that free-camping in the actual city is near to impossible. We […]

Parking Hack – How to get free parking

Here’s how some people get free parking at many carparks which use barriers and timed tickets. This only works for carparks that have the first 5,10,15 or whatever minutes free parking until it starts to cost. Once you’ve spent a full day at the carpark, you could do this when you’re ready to leave: Walk […]

The best way to get around in Spain

One of my favourite things about Spain is how so many people use roller blades and skateboards to get around. There are so many long stretches of nice tarmac along the coast and even in the biggest cities – Seville, Valencia and Madrid have so much space. Personal wheels – this is how cities should […]

Wild camping with flamingos

We’re slowly making our way out of Spain, up the coast, with Barcelona as our last planned stop to see a friend. We were intrigued by a little strip of land on the map. It looks like an interesting wild camping spot so we went and had a look. This whole area forms the delta […]

Carpark cooking: Rocky road by the lake

We’re by a lake in Spain (Here – spot of the month for April). This rocky road is so good! I took the recipe from The Camper Van Cookbook by Martin Dorey