Lofoten by Campervan: Watching the Northern Lights on Haukland Beach

I glanced out the van window and noticed a faint green coloured mist in the sky. So I took a walk with my camera and came back 3 hours later with these photos… In this post I’ll share with you my first experience with the Northern Lights. And I’ll show you a good place to […]

Norway by campervan: how to get to the Lofoten Islands with a van

Lofoten is group of small islands in the North of Norway, above the Arctic Circle. Amongst many other things, this is one of the best places to go if you want to see the Northern Lights – that was all I needed to know. Get to Lofoten by campervan in two steps: Keep driving north […]

Norway by campervan: the scenic road you must not miss

This road takes you through some of Norway’s most amazing landscapes and scenery. It’s the road that’s had the most ‘woahs’ so far from me whilst driving the van through Norway. And the best thing? you can stop anywhere and camp! Let me show you Road 55… Road 55 – through the mountains It takes […]