A change of plans

The great thing about not having plans is that you can change them at any time.

I always had in my mind that I’d travel around Morocco in the van. I just like the idea of Morocco; Apart from the great food, music, people and scenery, it’s a bit of a challenge. The thing is, some challenges need to be saved for a rainy day and I think that is what I’ll do with this one.

spain in van

With Matt dropped off at Malaga airport for his flight back to England, Ross and me naturally just carried on down the south coast of Spain to Gibraltar. We made good progress in a day and woke up with Northern Africa in sight, BUT then I heard about a rave/festival going on ‘right now’ in some hills near Granada. I always try to take the in the moment kind of opportunities when they come along so we immediately turned round back up the coast stopping off at Lidl to restock our collection of carton wine.

I usually prefer the outcome of a last minute impulsive decision to a planned one.

So here are my reasons not to go to Morocco just yet:

  • Its starting to get pretty hot now (end of March)
  • I’d want to spend the full amount of time there (3 months max with no visa) to make the extra costs worth it.
  • I want a break from sorting stuff out and Morocco would mean sorting more stuff out – more insurance, breakdown cover etc.
  • We’ve moved pretty fast right through France and Spain, its time to have a break from driving and explore Spain.

OK the reasons to go to Morocco will probably outweigh all the negatives but at this point in time it just doesn’t feel right to leave Spain yet. This is a great country to roam around and seems to be perfectly setup for van-living. The people and police are also pretty cool – I’ve had no trouble wild camping or anything else up to now.


See you at the rave…

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