Music for driving a van

Nothing else seems to bookmark my life like music can. Some of my most detailed memories can only be triggered by music or ‘that song’.  ‘Oldflame’ by Arcade fire instantly takes me back to when I was 17 and we would stay up giving each other tattoos in my parents kitchen. ‘The skin of my yellow country teeth’ by clap your hands say yeah reminds me of when I moved to Sheffield for University, met some great people and went on to have the best 4 years of my life… so far

Anyway, I thought I’d share a list of stuff I’ve been listening to whilst driving the past 2000 miles or so. I always love music recommendations and finding new music so please comment below.

I usually have a different playlist depending on what I’m doing. Here are my top 21 artists for plodding along slowly in my van with pots and pans rattling in the back…

I was thinking it might be good to set up a radio station at some point which I’d run every now and then from my van but its only a thought for now.


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