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Where am I going?

I’ve been slowly moving north over the past month with no idea what country I’m aiming for. This post answers a question I never know the answer to: “where are you going next?”


I didn’t go to Italy last month because I wanted to go through these countries north of Greece. But which one? I’ve not been able to decide and it has really been bugging me for the past couple of months. Full freedom can be strange sometimes.

One thing that attracts me to a country is if I know nothing about it. And I know absolutely nothing about Albania and Macedonia.

The thing is, I’ve learnt that it often doesn’t matter where I go. I will always say “oh I’m glad I came here”. I will always get a lot out of where ever I go. Also, I can put so much energy into a decision and then something will happen and I’ll go a completely different way anyway. So why does it matter? flip a coin, I’ll go anywhere…

I’m going to Macedonia

But when I finally narrowed it down to Albania or Bulgaria, my friend Matt (remember him from the very first posts?) said he’s flying in to Macedonia on the 26th of May. I haven’t seen him in a year! So Skopje airport. That’s where I’m going. I have one week to get there.


Where would you go out of these 3 countries and why?
Any macedonian readers? I’m interested in your music
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