Cheap GPS tracker – my review and installation

Here’s an overview of this very cheap GPS tracker (seen on Ebay and Amazon)…  This post goes over how I fitted this cheap GPS tracker, I bought on Amazon, to my campervan. For less than £30 I was surprised by not only the build quality of this GPS unit but also pretty stunned by the […]

Running water in my van – installing the water system

This post details how I got running water in my campervan conversion… I did separate posts on the shower and hot water and also mounting the shurflo water pump so this post will cover the rest of the water related stuff: fresh water tank and filler inlet sink and drain grey waste tank water pump and accumulator […]

My van conversion – things are coming together

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks just trying to get things to work and doing all the really small annoying jobs that are so easy to get caught up with (and make you go crazy). With this in mind I thought it was time to have a break and zoom out a little to […]

gas for cooking and heating

Gas is going to be my main energy source for cooking and heating. I thought this would be the simple case of throwing in a couple of 6KG Calor gas bottle and connecting the hose. I was wrong. The world of gas fittings, adaptors, regulators, connectors is pretty confusing – the more I researched, the […]

Putting a hammock in my camper van

Here it is, Hammock in a van… UPDATE: You can see the completed van here How to install a hammock in your van or campervan I told Matt my plan for mounting the hammock and he suggested using ‘toggles’ which I’d never heard of before. We went to buy two heavy duty eye bolts and […]