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My van conversion – things are coming together

Micro-home campervan

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks just trying to get things to work and doing all the really small annoying jobs that are so easy to get caught up with (and make you go crazy). With this in mind I thought it was time to have a break and zoom out a little to see exactly where I’m at and maybe reset a few priorities. Here is an update for your eyes… Check out the completed van

A pineapple and a candle – this place is a home

A lot of the build is pretty much done and everything now works. It really is looking more like the image I had in my head now but there are still a lot things to refine before it is a fully functional drivable micro home.

Chillin will happen here. See post hammock post
This is the working area. Things will be made here
Looking to the front of the van – a bookshelf and storage above cab
Fold down table on the left made from old rope and skip wood
The door to the shower/toilet and utility cupboard with fridge, water heater and pressurised water system. The guitar is one of my home made telecasters with hand wound pickups – I must have subconsciously made it match the van!
A single 230V socket should be adequate for computers and charging. The seating extends out to a (nearly) double bed. See post on the amazing expanding bed


Thats all for now. I’m gonna get back to it – this is only the very start of the finish! watch this space or put your email in the box and I’ll keep you in the loop

UPDATE: See the completed van 

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