Van tour: Mike and Sophie from Relaxedpace

I left the Peloponnese (see best bits) and met with some other vanners: Mike (from L.A.) and Sophie (from London). They spent last Summer in England converting their van, and are finally on the road… I think these two were the first actual readers of this blog, like a year ago. It was really good to finally meet you […]

My favourite electronic products for van living

Here are my very favourite electronics products that I’ve been using for the past year living in my van. Note: these are affiliate links, which means you’ll be helping me if you buy using these links. Thank you! Kindle – ebook reader All your books in one hand! I wasn’t sure about the Kindle when […]

9 best bits of vanlife in the Peloponnese

The Peloponnese is an amazing place to feel the winter turn into Spring. There’s no wonder I’m suddenly bumping into all the other vanners, after seeing non for months. You’re all here! Here are 9 highlights from the past 5 weeks of vanlife in the Peloponnese: 1. The mountains I didn’t really know the Peloponnese was […]

Vanlife – finding the wild spots

This is probably a protected area, and you probably are not allowed here. But this is Greece, so it’s probably cool… But don’t come here if you want to get away from the nosie! Here’s what this place sounds like from the van at 2pm: Here’s what it sounds like at 11pm inside the van (Heavy […]

Vanlife from Marti’s camera

Here’s a glimse of vanlife (this past month travelling through the Peloponnese) from Marti’s eyes/camera. See the month through my eyes here Marti: Now see vanlife from Mike’s eyes

Vanlife from Mike’s camera

Here’s a glimse of vanlife (this past month travelling through the Peloponnese) from my eyes/camera. I thought it would be a good to have one post from my camera and one post from Marti’s camera. See from Marti’s eyes here Mike: Now see from Marti’s eyes