Van conversion products: electrical system

CTEK smart charger I keep this in my van and use it for mains charging when I hook up my van to a mains outlet. It’s not cheap but is probably the best mains charger available. This is the 25A model for battery banks up to 500Ah. It also has a battery recondition mode to […]

The story from Greece (by campervan) in 29 pictures

This is the last Greece post! It’s the story from the past 7 months. Also see the other post on 13 reasons why I love Greece here It was too cold in Bulgaria I drove all night until I got to Greece. The guy at the border asked me where I was going. I didn’t […]

13 reasons why I love Greece

1. The mild winter Most days are dry and bright. I was just about able to sleep comfortably at night in the van during winter in Athens 2. The ancient stuff The remains of ancient Greece is just scattered everywhere. I like to just stumble on these places and be totally surprised 3. The coast […]

Van conversion products: gas system

11kg direct fill refillable gas cylinder This is the refillable gas tank I have in my van. I just open the side door of my van and fill it directly from the fuel station LPG pump. Works great and I’ve never had a problem. I bought this directly from Gaslow (in the link) but I’m […]

Van conversion products: Safety

Here are the products I used and recommend for preparation stages of my van conversion. Note: these are affiliate links, which means you’ll be helping me if you buy using these links (no extra cost to you). Thanks First alert 10 year smoke alarm There may be cheaper ones but this is the one I […]

Van conversion products: water system

Fiamma 70L fresh water tank This is the tank I used in my conversion. Can be mounted in any orientation and comes with all fittings. Shurflo 12V water pump 30PSI This is the pump I use in my van. It’s all automatic so all you do it open the tap and the pump turns on […]

Insuring your DIY motorhome or campervan

For a DIY motorhome or campervan, you can either get specialist motorhome insurance or just normal van insurance. Specialist motorhome insurance Here are a list of companies who offer insurance for DIY van conversions. Most of these companies will insure your vehicle whilst it is still in the process of conversion. You often get up […]

The deepest gorge in the world?

A hidden gem of Greece. Vikos Gorge holds a Guinness world record for being the deepest gorge in the world. I went to see… The Vikos Gorge is in the north of the Pindus Mountains, about 20 miles from the Albanian border. I parked the van in the village of Monodendri and spent a couple […]

Where am I going?

I’ve been slowly moving north over the past month with no idea what country I’m aiming for. This post answers a question I never know the answer to: “where are you going next?” I didn’t go to Italy last month because I wanted to go through these countries north of Greece. But which one? I’ve not been able to […]