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Category: Converting my van

Building the shower enclosure

A stud frame was built for the bathroom enclosure and then fitted with water resistant wallboard on the inside and finished with cladding on the outside. In this post I’ll cover:

Cladding the side door

After cladding the walls and ceiling (see post) I went and did the side door. Note: This post is backdated. Added 15th May 2015 1. Fit cladding to door I

Fitting wooden cladding to the van interior

After fitting the wooden frame for the cladding walls (see post), it’s time to fit the cladding. It is starting to look like a campervan now! Note: updated on 15th May

Constructing the frame for the cladding walls

Before building the frame I need to think about some of this stuff: the overall look of the cladding–Ideally It needs to follow the bowed shape of the van body

Fitting the floor to my campervan

Once all the rust had been fixed up (see post) I put the wooden boards back down (already fitted in the van) and laid down some wood effect vinyl flooring. Note:

Fixing water leaks on the LDV convoy

I thought I’d post this for all the soaking wet LDV owners. I’ve seen a few people on various forums with a ‘mystery water ingress’ problem in their LDV Convoy.

How I fixed the rust holes on my van floor

It’s pretty normal to find rust has eaten right through the metal bodywork of a van that is more than a few years old. But most of the time it’s