How to get to Norway by campervan – from the UK

My plan was to take the most direct route from the UK to Norway to catch the end of summer.

OK, there was no ‘plan’. I just wanted to go to Norway in my van. So here’s how I did it. I’ll also share a few other alternative routes and options I found along the way.

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A direct ferry from the UK to Norway?

That would have been the best option but this route no longer runs. It used to go from Newcastle to Stavanger, which would have been a great option. It’s possible P&O might reopen this route at some point in the future, but for now…

Here’s the route I took – the first option

I got ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland. I drove through Holland, through Germany and up to Hirtshals at the top of Denmark. From there I got a ferry to Kristiansand in the south of Norway.

You could do this journey in a day or two but I took a few days.

Here’s what it cost

Ferry from UK to Holland: £127 – booked through
Diesel from Hook of Holland to Hirtshals, Denmark: £142
Ferry from Demark to Norway: £93 – also booked through Aferry
Total: £361 

Once you’re in mainland Europe there are several different ferry routes to Norway.

Here are 3 other options I considered:

Option 2: Ferry from Kiel (northern Germany) to Oslo

This takes around 20 hours and operates nearly every day. Route operated by Colour Line.

A nice break from driving – and less wear on the tyres – but costs a fair bit more money, and takes more time.

Option 3: Ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo

This takes around 17 hours, operated by DFDS Seaways.

I was tempted by this option but I had visions of me loving Copenhagen and staying there too long. Same with Oslo. I can visit on the way back down.

Option 4: Drive into Norway through Sweden.

If it was Spring or the middle of summer I’d probably take this option. But It’s not. I better get a move on!

Why I chose option 1

Kristiansand seems to be a good starting point for exploring the west of Norway: the fjords, mountains and… further north before it gets too cold. I can visit Oslo on the way back. Also, this seemed to be the cheapest route at the time.

A few of tips

Tip one: The cost of the ferries can vary hugely from day to day – probably based on how booked up they are. I stayed totally flexible as to what day I booked the ferry. I looked for sailings, and the costs, for the next week and simply chose the cheapest one.

Tip two: You might want to fill up with Diesel before you leave Germany. It’s more expensive in Denmark and Norway.

Tip Three: Same with food. Stock up with food in Germany! Maybe I’ll do a separate post on this?

Other options?

If you have any suggestions, or know any other alternatives for getting to Norway in a van, please let us know in the comments below…

Watch the video: VIDEO: driving to Norway in my van 

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