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Camping next to a glacier in Norway’s Jostedalsbreen National Park

This place is home to the largest glacier in continental Europe, and some of the best nature I’ve ever experienced

If you’re in Norway I highly recommend going here: Jostedalsbreen National Park.

And if you don’t plan on going to Norway, I hope you can experience it a little through this post… 

Also see: VIDEO: Kjenndalen Glacier in Norway – drone footage in here!

This is Jostedalsbreen National Park

It’s here, in Norway

It has this tropical feel to it

But don’t be fooled; that water is cold, freshly melted glacier ice

We followed the twisting roads around the fjords and rivers

Dense shades of lushness, green and alive 

You can drive right into this Valley

Just follow this narrow road

Through the rainbow entrance

Your room with a view

Get out and walk, past the stop sign 

You can get close to the Kjenndalen Glacier

Don’t forget to wash your face in the meltwater… 

And to have a look at the rest of the galaxy 

Because there’s a lot to see

I realise there is so much more to Jostedalsbreen National Park. Next time I’d like to actually do a hike along the huge Jostedalsbreen Glacier, but I suppose that takes a bit more organising. 

Has anyone been here or planning to go? share in the comments 🙂

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