Norway by Campervan – the best bits

The colours, the light, the landscape, the animals. 

The nature in Norway is full on. It’s probably one of my favourite countries.

Let me show you all the best bits from the few months travelling Norway in my campervan. 

If you want to go to Norway, this post might help you. If you don’t plan on going to Norway, this might just convince you.

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First I had to make sure the van was running perfectly

See this post: Video: Driving to Norway in my van

Then you have to join the Norway queue 

Here’s a map of the route. Let’s start at the beginning…

It all started like a nice warm holiday in Spain [1]

Nice enough to eat breakfast outside

And to wash clothes by the water

We were driving north as the summer was ending

Sometimes I forgot I wasn’t in Greece 

But the rain was coming

My jacket wasn’t waterproof

Neither were Abbey’s blankets

But the plants were into it

After a few hours of hiking we got to the Pulpit Rock [2]

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The light was like nothing I’d seen before

The hiking was like nothing I’d hiked before

And then a 26KM hike (round trip) to get to the ‘Troll’s Tongue’ [3]

See this post: Hiking Norway’s most famous hike – Trolltunga

Setting off before sunrise 

We spent the next day resting and getting dry 

Before taking the scenic roads north, through the mountains [4]

Driving through Jotunheimen National Park at sunset was incredible

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 We took a gamble on some small dirt roads

To find the rainbows

And to meet the mountains

Welcome to Planet Norway

Where the tap water is better than bottled water 

The roads snake around the glacial meltwater lakes

Trees appeared as the altitude lowered

You can camp almost anywhere in this country 

I like to wake up in the night and hear the sound of the rushing river 

Or to wake up and hike a mountain [6]

Galdopiggen: The highest peak in Scandanavia at 2469m above sea level 

See post: How not to hike Norway’s highest peak – and where to park your van

Things almost got a bit serious on this one

It felt nice to be back at sea level

Here’s a church, built in the 12th Century 

We continued into Jostedalsbreen National Park 

Over a little wooden bridge

Green and alive. I’ve never seen lushness like it

You can camp next to this glacier

See post: Camping next to a glacier in Norway’s jostedalsbreen National Park

And drive along side some of the deepest fjords [7]

This is Geiranger Fjord. The boat gives you an idea of the scale

And some of the most famous roads. This is Trollstigen Road [8]

And that’s when I fell 

Luckily it was only my camera that smashed

Thank you to the Trollstigen Resort guy for helping us out

Abbey drew him a Magic Midnight Moose to say thanks

The roads behind us were starting to close due to snow

We carried on, over The Atlantic Ocean Road [9]

Storms can appear in a matter of minutes

I imagined what it would be like to live here

But I think prefer the stillness of a silent autumn lake [10]

The warm summer days were long gone

We’re in Reindeer country 

Look closely and you might see a Moose

This is what happens when you keep driving north: The Arctic Circle [11]

I was seriously considering turning back

Secretly worried about having only summer tyres

We put the van on a boat and sailed north to the remote Lofoten Islands [12]

See post: How to get to Norway’s Lofoten Islands with a van

Because I couldn’t leave the Norway without completing my mission

To see the Northern Lights for the first time [13]

See post: Lofoten by camper: 20 essential tips if you want to see the Northern Lights

To sleep under the Northern Lights

See post: Lofoten by camper: 16 tips for photographing the Northern Lights

To drink a cup of tea under the Northern Lights

See post: Lofoten by camper: watching the Northen Lights on Haukland Beach

To walk on a remote beach with the Aurora dancing above

See post: Lofoten by camper: surfing, sunsets and Aurora – here’s a good place to camp

Asking those questions only the night sky makes you ask

We explored the small island roads of Lofoten

See post: Lofoten Islands by campervan – the best bits

The furthest north was Andenes. Whales live here [14]

I spent hours every day with my camera 

The colours. The light. I couldn’t get enough.

I saved the most dangerous hike until last

But now we really had to leave. The snow was right behind us

I trimmed my beard and prepared to go ‘back’ 

I will miss this land

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Woah, we made it. That was a long post but the truth is, this isn’t even 2% of the photos I took whilst in Norway. Anyway, here’s to Norway. Cheers!

Did I miss anything? probably. There’s a lot to see in Norway. Let us know in the comments

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