Lofoten by Campervan: surfing, sunsets and Aurora – here’s a good place to camp

We left the Hidden Beach and drove for 5 minutes before finding this place…

A small secluded beach in Norway’s Lofoten Islands with surfing, amazing sunsets and good viewing of the Aurora. 

The added bonus is that you can camp with your van right on the beach

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Welcome to Skagsanden Beach 

It’s here, in Norway’s Lofoten Islands 

Google map link: Skagsanden Beach

You can camp on this open bit of land, right on the beach

With a front row seat of the Arctic Ocean

The waves are here all day and night

To watch or ride

Wetsuits (extra thick) and boards can be hired on the beach

Each day ends with its own unique display of colours

And (if you’re lucky) the colours turn to green as the night comes

Remember me saying in this post that to see the Aurora you need a good view north? well that’s exactly what this beach has. 

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Camping info

The graveyard across the road has delicious fresh tap water. Also, there are free toilets in the beach carpark. 

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If you plan to visit Lofoten Islands I recommend this place, Skagsanded Beach. It has everything for camping in a van. 

Have you been here? or maybe you have some recommendations for this area of Norway? Comment below. 

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