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Lofoten by camper: How to reach the hidden beach – and where to park your van

The ‘Magic Beach’ – aka Kvalvika Beach – in Norway’s Lofoten Islands is only accessible by a 2 hour hike.

It’s a secluded white sand beach with turquoise water, surrounded by towering snow-covered mountains. Right up in the Arctic Circle!

In this post I’ll show you how to get there and I’ll also show you a nice place to camp with your camper or motorhome. 

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OK. Let me show you the hidden beach…

You drive on these roads over the water

Patches of land connected with bridges 

Mountains in every window 

Past the Frankenstein barn

Park here

Google map link

Get out and walk: follow signs for Ryten

The trailhead is just down the road from the parking above. Here: Google maps link

Here it is on a map

You walk for about 3.5km

Don’t forget to look at the views behind you 

Mountains on one side

The Arctic Ocean on the other

Eventually you’ll see the hidden beach – aka Kvalvika Beach

The snow-covered mountains make this beach really unique

You can enjoy the view here

Or carefully lower yourself into the sea 

We went back to the van and camped in this amazing spot

Google map link

Oh that other picture was just a joke

Have you been here?

Feel free to share your experience or and tips to help others in the comments below.

Also, share this post with whoever might find it useful 🙂

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