Hiking the Pulpit Rock in Norway – and where to park your van

They say this is ‘probably the most famous landmark in Norway’

But they say that with all of them. That’s because this is Norway and all the ‘landmarks’ really incredible. This is one of them: Pulpit Rock

Update: see the video (3 mins) Hiking Pulpit Rock video

The Pulpit Rock – aka Preikestolen

Carved out by a glacier 10000 years ago

The ice cracked open the cliff face

Leaving this large 25x25m slab of rock

With a sheer drop of 604m

Visit with a campervan

Arrive the night before if you can. There’s a good free-camping spot on the opposite side of the Fjord with a great view of the whole rock face. Here (Google Maps): https://goo.gl/maps/KkPwkzxodN52

Tips for visiting the Pulpit Rock

  1. Time of year. End of August/september is probably a good time to visit and it’s not too cold and wet – although it is getting there.
  2. Time of day. If you’re comfortable with hiking it’ll be fine to come later in the afternoon to avoid crowds. We set off at 2pm. By this time most people were walking in the opposite direction to us – masses of people. There were just a few people there by the time we left, at around 5:30pm.
  3. Bring food. We brought one apple to share. It wasn’t enough. A hot drink would be good as well, and a proper sandwich.
  4. Parking. If you don’t want to pay 200NOK (20Euro) for parking you can park a bit further away, along the road leading to the parking, and walk an extra mile or two.

For me this was a great introduction to hiking in Norway. I got back to the van wanting more. So next up is Trolltunga – a 26km hike with more incredible views.

Have you been here? share your experience, tips, recommendations and thoughts in the comments below.

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