Lofoten Islands by campervan – the best bits

Norway’s Lofoten Islands are really far north, way above the Arctic Circle.

I was a little nervous. The van is not equipped for harsh conditions and I have no breakdown cover in case something goes wrong.

But this was the right decision. Lofoten was the highlight of Norway!

I hope this post will help anyone else thinking of visiting Lofoten. I’ll include the names of the places I visited and show them on the map below. 

Edit: let us know in the comments if I missed anything

The Lofoten Islands are here: 

We arrived by boat from mainland Norway 

See this post on how to get here How to get to the Lofoten Islands with a van

Here’s a map with each place in this post marked with a number

We started in Å – the town is called ‘Å’ – and stayed the first night here (#1)

We continued to Reine (#2)

It’s a picturesque fishing village famous for looking like this…

The windscreen like an oil painting

Water is also available in the in the village centre, as well as toilets

I walked across this ridge

The Reinebringen hike, a section of Lofoten’s coastal mountain range known for being… a little bit dangerous

The town below like a scale model

Hamnoy is just a few km down the road (#3) 

Famous for its red fisherman huts dotted around the edge of the water

We camped here for a few days

Here’s the Google map link

There was this incredible sunset that never seemed to happen again 

We continued over the bridges connecting small patches of land (#4)

And found this cool spot with water and mountains all around 

From here you can hike to the hidden beach – aka Kvalvika Beach (#5)

See How to reach the hidden beach and where to park your van

Only accessible via a 2 hour hike 

5 minutes down the road we found this Arctic surfing spot (#6)

This beach has pretty much everything for van camping. See Arctic Surfing on Skagsanded Beach

Next stop: the Carrabean? No wait, this is still the Arctic! (Haukland Beach #7)

That night I stood on the beach as the Aurora danced above me for the first time

See this post: Watching the Northern Lights on Haukland Beach

Photographing the Aurora; probably the most fun I’ve ever had with my camera (Gimsoy #8)

See my 16 tips for photographing the Aurora

And in the morning you get a whole new scene

That soft mountain glow I’ve never seen anywhere else

The Aurora became a normal part of the evenings 

See this post: 20 essential tips if you want to see the Northern Lights

And then we went really far north and met the tail of a whale (Andenes #9)

Andenes is probably the best place to go if you want to see whales. And killer whales, depending on the season

With more amazing camping spots along the wild bits of coastline (#10)

If you want to see sea Eagles (without leaving the van) this is a good place to camp. Google map link here

Green tendrils whipped across the sky as the sun set over the sea

We scrambled up a rocky mountain to get the sunset view over Henningsvær:  (#11)

This is the Festvågtinden hike, with the summit (541m) looking over Henningsvær

You can even see some of mainland Norway (mountains in far distance)

And then back to mainland Norway 

See post for how to get to the Lofoten Islands with a campervan

Lofoten Islands. The highlight of Norway

Have you been to the Lofoten Islands? please feel free to share any tips or recommendations in the comments below

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