Sweden by campervan: discovering the free forest food

Join me on this journey into foraging – discovering the free food that grows on the ground – whilst travelling the land of Sweden in my DIY campervan…

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Remember when we used to roam the land, eating only foraged food found on the floor? 

Sarah looking for food in the forest, Sweden

Nor do I

Nor does Sarah but she’s trying

Welcome to the forests of Sweden

Some of the most exquisite designs, littered all over the ground

Some of which, we eat

How weird

Foraging is easy. You just ask the question: can I eat this?

Spot the difference. One is NOT edible

After a little cleaning

But mushrooms can be sneaky 

In you go

Many things are brightly coloured for… our convenience?

FREE cranberries!

Free blueberries!

Free Wrongberry

There’s your breakfast…berry

Mushroom’s eat the forest 

We eat the mushrooms

Taste with your eyes

Don’t slip on the slime

Or trip on the rhyme

They call this ’Swedish gold’ (Chanterelle)

And its cousin, ‘Funnel Chanterelle’ (also edible)

Put them on a pizza 

Put them in a pan

Enjoy your slugs on toast



See ya!!

What’s clear to me about Swedish culture is their close connection to their forests and nature. It seems like most Swedes know at least the basics of what naturally growing foods they can and can’t eat. This simple act of walking through the forest to collect food for dinner, and wood for a fire, has some deep positive effect on the psyche. It shows in the people and the general culture, even in the cities. This is what stops society from going crazy. But only if we remember what it is that’s missing.

And really, those blueberries and Chanterelles were the best I’ve ever eaten!

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Have you been to Sweden? Did I miss any forageable food? let me know in the comments below…

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