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Category: Converting my van

gas for cooking and heating

Gas is going to be my main energy source for cooking and heating. I thought this would be the simple case of throwing in a couple of 6KG Calor gas

Putting a hammock in my camper van

Here it is, Hammock in a van… UPDATE: You can see the completed van here How to install a hammock in your van or campervan I told Matt my plan

A shower in my van

In my van the hot water feed comes in through the wall of the bathroom (see post), through a tap and into the shower head. The water feed to the

12V LED lighting

I fitted two LED down-lights but then decided I needed something brighter for working, reading, whatever so I used a £8 Ikea lamp (in picture above) and attached it to

Van solar panel installation and wiring

I was lucky to inherit two 100w solar panels with the van – they just need to be wired in. I used an external waterproof junction box mounted on the