Dismantling my entire van-home

The time has finally come: The floor of my van needs welding

That means having to remove everything out of the van. I mean everything.

This post probably highlights the very worst thing about living in a van. Let me show you…

Also see: VIDEO: Dismantling my van-home

I found some rust. And then some more.

It’s going to need welding

But there’s a problem…

The inside will have to be removed. My whole home. All of it.

So I started with the most difficult bit: the bathroom

Trying to remove things in big chunks

That’s the bathroom and kitchen gone

But some things will need to be rebuilt 

This is a view I never expected to see again

And that’s the floor out ready to be welded 

It’s actually not that bad

It’s a lot of effort to remove everything but it’s worth repairing, because it really isn’t that bad – just these spots around the rear arches – and most of the floor is decent. The chassis is still totally solid and well protected, and it still passed it’s MOT first time.

The difficult part is finding a welder who is able to do a job that’s going to last, rather than a quick patch to see it through another year. I’ll do some follow up posts with the progress.

Has anyone else had to do this with their van? I’d be interested to hear about it in the comments …

Also see: VIDEO: Dismantling my van-home

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