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The MOT – here’s what the van failed on

The van was last MOTed 18 month ago! and yeah, for everyone asking, my MOT has been overdue for 6 months.

And for those of you who are not in the UK: The MOT is the compulsory annual test to check a cars roadworthiness. I thought I’d share the results with you.


This 14 year old LDV Convoy has taken me over 15000 miles all across Europe and the only work I’ve had to do in this time has been to fit a new battery and a new alternator. It’s not too bad, and it’s running really well.

I was preparing myself for the worst when I took it in for the mot. It did fail but it’s only daft stuff.

The MOT results – here’s what it failed on

  1. Windscreen wipers worn out
  2. Obstruction encroaching windscreen – because there’s a tree on the dashboard
  3. Headlamp aim incorrect
  4. Side indicator wrong colour
  5. Number plate lamp not working
  6. Tyre tread depth below 1.6mm

But the next problem…

There’s still a bit of work I have to do on the van before I leave the UK – and it’s all to do with rust. My home is rusting! I need to stop it as much as I can before it gets much worse. Here’s a picture of the front left wheel arch:
So over the next couple of weeks I’ll keep the blog updated on the work done. A lot of this rust will need welding – probably a separate post on its own.
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