Cladding the side door

After cladding the walls and ceiling (see post) I went and did the side door. Note: This post is backdated. Added 15th May 2015 1. Fit cladding to door I screwed the cladding straight into the metal of the door making sure that each piece lines up with the cladding on the wall so the […]

Fitting wooden cladding to the van interior

After fitting the wooden frame for the cladding walls (see post), it’s time to fit the cladding. It is starting to look like a campervan now! Note: updated on 15th May 2015 This took 20 packs of 8mm pine cladding in 1.8m lengths to clad the walls and ceiling. Cost was £96. I bought all the […]

Constructing the frame for the cladding walls

Before building the frame I need to think about some of this stuff: the overall look of the cladding–Ideally It needs to follow the bowed shape of the van body van space–this could easily take off a few inches of space all around. Head space is critical and I’d rather not loose any at all. […]

Fitting the floor to my campervan

Once all the rust had been fixed up (see post) I put the wooden boards back down (already fitted in the van) and laid down some wood effect vinyl flooring. Note: updated on 15th May 2015 Here’s how I put down the floor in my van conversion: 1. Prepare floor Before putting the plywood boards back […]

Fixing water leaks on the LDV convoy

I thought I’d post this for all the soaking wet LDV owners. I’ve seen a few people on various forums with a ‘mystery water ingress’ problem in their LDV Convoy. Leaks can be really difficult to get to the source of and just when you think you’ve sorted it you wait for the rain to […]

How I fixed the rust holes on my van floor

It’s pretty normal to find rust has eaten right through the metal bodywork of a van that is more than a few years old. But most of the time it’s not as bad as it looks, and can most likely be repaired with fibreglass resin and patches. Assuming the holes are not impairing the structural […]

Rustproofing internal box sections using Waxoyl

I applied clear Waxoyl to the inside of box sections and anywhere else I couldn’t get to with a wire brush and rust treatment. This is like a clear waxy oil solution used to rust proof internal structures and areas that are difficult to get to such as the inside of doors and box sections. It […]

How I removed and treated surface rust on my van

Different vans can develop rust in specific areas, but the most common problem areas to check are wheel arches, bottom of doors, sills, foot wells, the cab floor and floor panels underneath the van. Removing the rust is a straightforward job, it’s just very time consuming and messy. I took out the plywood floor and […]

Fitting rear doors

We spent hours trying to get these doors on straight so the seals actually work. It’s one of those tricky jobs that is really straight forward once you find a good method that works… Fit back doors on an LDV Convoy: loosely attached hinge to door (two bolts on LDV Convoy) just enough to allow […]