Category: Converting my van

How I converted an old van into my cosy home. See my van conversion journey here…

rebuilding my campervan after welding repairs

Rebuilding my van-home

Woah, that was a long detour: I dismantled my whole van conversion just to get a bit of welding done in the floor. And then I had to put it

All the details of the van conversion

  OK not ALL the details. I’m gonna liken this post to that kitchen draw where you just throw all those batteries, screws and paperclips in. Maybe you can get

Getting to know my engine

I thought it might be a good idea to get to know the engine on the van (Ford Duratorq 2.4L) a little better and get familiar with the location of

Installing parking sensors

Going straight from driving a little VW Golf to a big van with no back windows is pretty scary when it comes to parking up in towns and cities. I

making a kitchen in a van

This is where things get exciting. Things start to look and feel like a home! I tried the van out the other night and being able to wake up and