Living in a van and travelling – highlights of 2017 in 40 photos

I set off in 2014, living in my van and travelling. Four years of living nomadically. Four birthdays on the road. Woah.

So in this post I’ll go over some of the highlights from 2017 in 40 photos.

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I started 2017 in Sardinia, Italy

I came here to escape winter… and to work on my book

See the tour of Sardinia here: Sardinia by campervan – highlights in 16 photos

I promised myself I wouldn’t leave the island until the draft was complete

I stayed in only quiet spots

The woods

The mountains

I didn’t see or speak to anyone for weeks. Months.

See post: Camping on the West coast of Sardinia in 10 photos – with location

But I knew I was in the right place

I camped above a cave

And explored the coast

See post: Wildcamping on the east coast of Sardinia – with coordinates

The book draft was finally complete. I got a boat to Sicily

I drove through The Valley of the Temples

And then I tried to to walk up Mt. Etna

See post (with video): The biggest volcano in Europe – by campervan and foot – with video

I Stopped off in Naples – home of pizza and crazy driving

And Pompei!

But my mind was so focused on making the book work

I forgot about travel or anything else. All I could think about was the book. This video might give you an idea: Announcement: About my next book, How to Live in a Van and Travel

I followed that stomach feeling and took a flight to Nepal

See post: A diversion to Nepal with a backpack and no van

I sat alone in the mountains for 4 days with just water and a tarpaulin

And then trekked through the jungle and saw Rhinos, elephants and crocodiles

We swam in the croc-water

I stayed in an actual hotel costing $2.50 per night

All of this gave me what I needed to release the book

See post: My latest book is now available as an actual printed book that you can hold it in your hands

And to remind me that I am nature

And that you don’t have to be a designer, editor, writer, photographer or author to make a book

Back to Rome. Back to the van. I drove north

I took the scenic route north. Headed to Berlin

Through some of Italy’s finest countryside

Picture below is Civita di Bagnoregio

Stopped at The Freqs of Nature Festival – Germany

Met some some inspiring people (Bastl Instruments) who introduced me to modular synthesisers

Some of my home-friends came to visit

Meanwhile, people were buying my book and enjoying it. Thank you!

I got to Berlin an stayed with some other city van dwellers

And signed a few of my books in the street

There’s no other place like Berlin in the summer

See this post: Here’s what a normal Sunday afternoon looks like on a park in Berlin

This huge former airfield was my back garden

See this post: Berlin by campervan: my back garden is a huge abandoned airfield

I went back to England

Service the van

See some people

Finn got his licence! He’s been living in his van in England for over a year. Want to see his DIY van-home? see this post: Van tour: He lives by the woods in his £1500 van – in England – in winter

And to build a modular synthesiser

Does anyone else think there are more campervans on the streets?

A quick fight to Morocco for Christmas with friends

And a gallop on the beach at sunset

Here’s to another brilliant year

Thanks everyone

For joining in by commenting and sharing the blog, and sending me nice messages of support. I appreciate it. Some of you have been reading this blog for years now, maybe since 2014.

My life has evolved in many ways thanks to this whole van thing. I’ve been able to follow paths that interest me and grow in ways I never imagined. I’ve tried my best to follow gut feelings and curiosity every step of the way. That’s how I want to continue living. Because that’s where life is, for me at least.

And it’s really really cool to be able to document this part of my life on this blog. I’m glad I’m able to share it with so many people.

Also, let me know if there are any posts you’d like to see me do in the near future. Is there any information you’d like me to cover in 2018? let me know in the comments below

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