Country: Greece

13 reasons why I love Greece

1. The mild winter Most days are dry and bright. I was just about able to sleep comfortably at night in the van during winter in Athens 2. The ancient

The deepest gorge in the world?

A hidden gem of Greece. Vikos Gorge holds a Guinness world record for being the deepest gorge in the world. I went to see… The Vikos Gorge is in the

Where am I going?

I’ve been slowly moving north over the past month with no idea what country I’m aiming for. This post answers a question I never know the answer to: “where are you going next?” I

A bike ride on the sea

I found this place It’s a road that goes out over the water to a small fishing village, Koronisia on the North West coast of Greece. It’s pretty remote round

Lefkada–the island for vans

Thing is with a van, you can’t get to islands without paying a fair bit for a boat. You need an island with a road to it. And I found

The best beach I’ve ever been to

I read about this nice beach on the island of Lefkada (See Lefkada post). The best beach on the Mediterranean I think it said. I couldn’t believe the colour of the

Van tour: Mike and Sophie from Relaxedpace

I left the Peloponnese (see best bits) and met with some other vanners: Mike (from L.A.) and Sophie (from London). They spent last Summer in England converting their van, and are finally on the

9 best bits of vanlife in the Peloponnese

The Peloponnese is an amazing place to feel the winter turn into Spring. There’s no wonder I’m suddenly bumping into all the other vanners, after seeing non for months. You’re all