Living in a van – I am off-grid

Throughout the conversion of the van, I was reading a book called [amazon text=Off-grid by Nick Rosen&localise=0&search_link=0&multi_cc=0&live=0&asin=B004ZLS6QA]. My plan wasn’t to intentionally be off-grid but as I read the book I realised that I was probably heading into this territory without really knowing – although nothing quite as amazing as some of the people in the […]

Music for driving a van

Nothing else seems to bookmark my life like music can. Some of my most detailed memories can only be triggered by music or ‘that song’.  ‘Oldflame’ by Arcade fire instantly takes me back to when I was 17 and we would stay up giving each other tattoos in my parents kitchen. ‘The skin of my […]

A change of plans

spain in van

The great thing about not having plans is that you can change them at any time. I always had in my mind that I’d travel around Morocco in the van. I just like the idea of Morocco; Apart from the great food, music, people and scenery, it’s a bit of a challenge. The thing is, […]

Wild-camping- where have we been staying?

My aim is to wild camp as much as possible. Wilding is way more fun, exciting and gives more freedom and variety. After all, I built the van to be off-grid so I would not have to rely on mains electric hookups on campsites. Here are some of my favourite spots we’ve stayed over the […]

First week of travel

I’ve been living in the van for just over a week and have travelled 1400 miles from England to Spain. I have a couple of mates (Matt and Ross) with me so the van is at full capacity and has certainly taken a beating climbing through the Spanish mountains. I’ve used a fair bit of […]

Europe POI download (standard GPX format)

There’s many great POI resources scattered around the net but the main problem compatibility – with all the different file types and formats. Everyone uses different software and devices. A solution is the .gpx format which is an attempt to standardise GPS data and it does seems to work well. The best resource I have […]

ITS TIME for step 3. Its time for travel!

Over the past 4 months I have become completely obsessed, side-tracked, absorbed and totally oblivious to everything else around me apart from van stuff. I could carry on doing this van for many more months but a line needs to be drawn. This is it. I’m off. You can see the (pretty much) finished van […]

All the details of the van conversion

  OK not ALL the details. I’m gonna liken this post to that kitchen draw where you just throw all those batteries, screws and paperclips in. Maybe you can get some ideas… Bookshelf You cant have a book shelf in a van, they will all fall off. Whoever said that was right, but it didn’t […]